Changes to Majors Baseball Division

CHANGES FOR 2013 - Majors division games will now be played on a larger "50/70" field. This replaces boys Majors which was played on a "46/60" field. The field has a 50-foot pitching distance and a 70-foot base paths (the "old" Majors field had as 46-foot pitching distance and 60-foot base paths). Only 11-12 yrs. olds are in this division (Boys Farm is now the Minors and 9 & 10 yrs. old players will be in this division). This is a new Division in Little League, other most competitive travel baseball programs as well as other youth baseball organizations such as Babe Ruth (Cal Ripken) are already playing on fields this size. It will also provide an opportunity for players to transition incrementally from a 46/60 field to the full size 60/90 field used in the Juniors/Seniors divisions.

There is leading, stealing and pick offs in this division.

How Brewster Little League introduces these new divisional "concepts" is still being decided. (For example - we may start off with leading/stealing immediately, or we may introduce it gradually) The number of teams in this division is dependent on number of players registered, the number of players/teams will determine how the draft will be done.

This division is for those players with established skills and experience in playing organized baseball. Players should exhibit strong fundamentals of the game. This level involves advanced competitive play. All 11 and 12-year-olds in the Majors Division are eligible for the All-Star team.


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